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 I will add more from time to time in any number of genres, but unless I post a warning in the description, you may assume that they are suitable for all readers.

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Sym Syty

How do you know that the world around you is real? I'm sure it feels pretty real when you stub your toe, but how do you know that what you're feeling is pain?

In fact, how do you know you're even here to feel it at all?


A sweet, gentle short-short story of a man reflecting back on his life.

Friday the 13th

This short-short was written for Halloweenpalooza V,  The only rule was that it had to do with Friday the 13th. Some graphic violence, 'cause, duh....Friday the 13th.....

The Darkness

Just a happy story about a girl saved from the darkness.  Okay, not really so happy. No swearing, but a few graphic scenes. Probably not suitable for little Becky Sue just starting kinderarten...

Killing Joe Prince

Hero worship gone too far? Maybe. But one man is just too impatient to wait for his time to shine.
There's a bit of swearing, but not much.