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Yup, that's me over there, trying his best to look all cool and candid. This website is still pretty new, so bear with me while I learn how it all works. In the meantime, feel free to peruse my humble offerings at your leisure. I've posted a few exerpts from my published and unpublished works, and I'll add more as time goes by. I've also started a blog called 'Stark Realities', but keep in mind that I tend toward procrastination, so updates might be sporadic. 
Stories To Chill The Blood
Our intelligence gave us tools, our spirit allowed us to prosper, our hearts let us love, and our drive earned us the world.

But it was our fear that kept us alive.
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Harold was always a man with a plan. Out of the house after high school, and take the world by storm. But the storm fought back, and now Harold is right back where he started. All the way back to the room he'd occupied as a child.
But he's not alone in that room. Something resides there with him, and it's had a dozen years on its own. A dozen years to grow. A dozen years to multiply. And now that Harold is back, he'll have to face his worst nightmare.
And if he loses, it might just be his last night on earth.

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The virus swept through humanity like wildfire.

Millions went blind in the first few hours, but blindness was just the beginning. It was only in Stage 2 that the real terror emerged. As the virus ate into the brain, it destroyed everything human, leaving in its wake a creature that knew only one thing; the need to feed.

And the world was torn apart.

In San Francisco, those few who remain amid the swarms measure their survival from one terrified heartbeat to the next. But for Sarah, there is reason to keep going. A pretty little girl with big green eyes and a tangled mop of curly red hair is counting on her, and she's not about to let anything in Heaven or Hell stand in her way. But those wild, ravenous things aren't the only monsters in this new world of the damned, and even as she fights her way home across a besieged city, she knows it's only going to get worse.

The virus isn't done yet. Stage 3 is here, and it might just be the beginning of the end.

Published by Severed Press​​

© 2017 Ken Stark All Rights Reserved.
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Blindness is just the beginning.
Once the infection reaches Stage 2,
it strips away everything 
remotely human and leaves a
monster in its wake.

Mason never cared much for his
fellow man, but now he is all that
stands between a little girl and a
world gone mad, and yet, even as they
fight their way from one horror to
the next through streets running
red with blood, they both know that
time is running out. 

Stage 3 is coming, and things are
about to get a whole lot worse.

Published by Severed Press
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